The Argus that was 2012

I am really a reluctant road cyclist. I completed my first Argus Cycle Tour in 2000 and then did so again in 2001 and 2002. From then it was only mountain biking. Then last year I decided to give it another go and really enjoyed the vibe. When the PPA email then arrived, encouraging me to take on the challenge again in 2012, I entered without really thinking about it. Now that my training is more running, trail running and mountain biking, I only got onto my road bicycle twice since Argus 2011. With that in mind I decided that it will be a “tour” as the name states and not a race in 2012. It was good to have a 7.21 am start slot in what turned out to be a super hot day. Knowing I was going to take it easy though, made a big difference. My first stop was at the top of Edinburg drive where my wife and kids waited to support me.

At the refreshment station on top of Boyes Drive I decided to wait for a friend that started 30 minutes after me. Riding with some-one always makes it even more enjoyable, especially when both are riding the same pace. When we hit Simon’s Town we decided it was time for a coffee stop.

It is great to be able to take off your helmet, order a cappuccino and enjoy it while others are speeding by. From there we started feeling the heat and actually saw a girl pass out on the Smitswinkel section of the route. The “gees” along that section was great. When there is an uphill every-one slows down and this means you’re riding very closely to others and no real passing takes place.

On a hot day it is always nice to know that you can expect some coolness when passing through Misty Cliffs. That “village” really deserves its name and once again did not disappoint. The dreaded suikerbossie was so packed with supporters shouting, drumming, spraying water and even offering to give you a push that it really took my mind off that long uphill. From there it was just downhill, turquoise green seas, white sands and shouts of “almost home” that got us to the finish line.

The weather, route, crowd support, logistics and 2 coffee stops ( did I not mention stopping again in Noordhoek?) made Argus 2012 the highlight of my sporting year.



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  • Mark March 15, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    you have echoed my thoughts exactly.
    it really was a great ride.
    thanks for inviting me to join you, it made my ride one for the permanent memory vault.

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