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about that top 40….

Just today, a friend asked me how I was doing with my top 40 events for 2011.

If you remember reading my April posting, you would’ve taken note of my challenge to participate in 40 events this year. I admire every runner, cyclist, mountain biker, adventurer who can set a goal to compete in and complete a major event. Be it the Cape Epic, Two Oceans, Comrades, Argus Cycle Tour, Otter Trail Run, etc. For myself this year however, I decided to take on a different challenge: participate in 40 events in 2011. That comes with its own set of challenges, of course. The biggest of these being:

  1. Not enough events: I have had a number week-ends during in which I did not participate in any events, purely because there were none to participate in, in my area.
  2. Travel: I have in fact entered online and paid for 2 events for a Saturday morning, thinking that arriving home late from a business trip on the Friday night before, I’ll be able to make it the next morning. WRONG! Being out of town at least every second week also messes with regular training, especially when you loathe spinning classes and treadmill running, like I do.
  3. Family commitments: When you are 40-something, you can only miss so many kids parties, ballet lessons and ice-skating sessions before you get into trouble with her majesty, the Queen of the household. That has its own set of disadvantages and de-merits! I also like being in church on a Sunday morning and therefore loose out on some events.
  4. Health: well, some days you are just not up to the task, especially over winter. Due to the pressure of having to make up the tally, one off week-end is considered a disaster!

So, as it stands today, 5 June 2011, I have raked up 15 events, or 37,5% of my goal. That is a huge 25 events still to go.

To be honest, I plan my events as I go and never more than two months in advance. So for now, I have my June & July plans sorted and some events for August 2011. Below find the list with web links. If you plan to participate in any of these events, please let me know in order for us to hook up. Alternatively, why don’t you send me some suggestions of events that you think will work for me.

  • 12 June: Itheko 10km road run, Grand Parade, Cape Town: Modern Athlete
  • 16 June: Dirtopia 9 to 5 mtb event, Stellenbosch: Dirtopia
  • 18 June: Mamre, 15km run: Top Events
  • 25 June: Eerste Rivier, 10 Km road run: Modern Athlete
  • 2 July: 50km Knysna Oyster Festival MTB : Knysna Cycle
  • 3 July: 100km Knysna Oyster Road ride: Knysna
  • 5 July: Salomon Featherbed Trail  Run , 11 km, Knysna: Magnetic South
  • 10 July: Cape Winter Trail Series #1, 10 km trail run: Trail Series
  • 17 July: Cape Winter Trail Series #2, 10 km trail run: Trail Series
  • 24 July: Cape Winter Trail Series #3, 10 km trail run: Trail Series
  • 30 July: Burger MTB challenge: 75km, 60km, 42km (my event), 30km & 15km, Stellenbosch: Dirtopia
  • 13 August: Cape Winter Trail Series # 4, 10 km trail run, Kleinmond: Trail Series
  • 14 August: Gravity Festival MTB, Kleinmond: details TBA.

So, there is is. If all works out according to plan I would’ve participated in 28 events at the end of August 2011 and be only slightly over the half-way mark.

Any suggestions and ideas wrt to this challenge are MOST welcome.

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