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On Saturday 28 June the Rainbow Challenge event was held at Cascades in Pietermaritzburg. On Sunday 29 June the same venue hosted the mountain bike marathon world championship.

I was privileged enough to hang out there for the whole week-end to experience the vibe, albeit not on a bike. Yes, I went to chat to every-one that would listen, about the Munga, take photos, tweet and update my MTB contacts while there.

When I arrived on Friday afternoon it was cold and very muddy. Slipping and sliding through the venue to the briefing area was not a good sign of things to come. The cold conditions persisted on Saturday, though there was no rain. The various categories in the Rainbow Challenge set off from 08h00. Men 30-59 did the 70km route and the women and men 60+ did the 50km route. It was clear that this course, also the SA MTB champs course, was not for beginners. I overheard one rider say that the race was tougher than the Epic! I trust he meant one stage of the Epic. Either way, it was a mean course.

On Sunday, the weather started out very cold once again when the pro men started their 95 km race followed by the 74km ladies race. By the time the first men came in, it had warmed up enough for me to be in my shorts and T-shirt. There was a nice vibe at the supporters area near the finish line ( as well as the bar and food stands!)

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Seeing those elite riders come in was a great sight to behold. Knowing that these guys and girls traveled from all over the world to participate in South Africa was a great feeling. Seeing how few people came out to watch, was however embarrassing. Being a world championship event I expected a lot more people coming to enjoy the vibe. Heck, it was the first time ever that Nepal sent a team to the world marathon champs and where were the supporters?

Being at the finish area when Jaroslav Kulhavy stopped just before the finish line to pick up his bike and carry it over the line was great. Seeing Annika Langvad claiming her 3rd world title was also awesome.


Chatting with the legendary Mannie Heymans ( Team Namibia manager) about fatbikes, Cory Wallace ( Team Canada pro) who saw his first ever giraffe during his race, Friedemann (Team Bulls Manager) about his team possibly riding the Munga and other organisers and sponsors over the 2 days in addition to taking over 200 photos was a great experience and one I hope to enjoy again.

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See the full pro results here:


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