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Why I am really considering an e-bike.

You may have heard me say that I am considering getting an e-bike (electric bicycle). So, now that I have said it, I get asked why all the time.

Okay, here’s the reasons why I am indeed seriously considering it:

  1. It will be for commuting  (and not racing). I live 1,5 km away from my office and travel there every day by means of a 2 liter diesel engine. Sure, I have a road bike and a mountain bike and I do like riding them. I do however have meetings on most days either at my office or within a 20 km radius from my office. So, knowing that I can get there without a big car and not needing to don my lycra bib or rely on a shower at the other side, is a great plus. I will still be pedaling to get the most out of my battery, but it certainly wont be at race pace. With cycle paths now very much rolling out across all major SA cities, I can ride on those, avoiding the danger that comes with riding on the road.
  2. The electric bicycles cost about 2,5 to 3 times more than the cheapest scooter, so why don’t I just get a scooter? Firstly, the scooter will have to travel on the road, making it a far more dangerous option than the bicycle. Secondly, I’ll still be using fossil fuel, something I’d like to eliminate as much as possible.  Thirdly: one charge of the e-bike’s battery will let me travel about 70 km. That charge ( at current Eskom rates) will cost me less than R1,00 so yes, money saving is an issue when compared to a scooter.
  3. I am a great Elon Musk fan, he of Tesla fame. Hopefully my affinity for battery over fossil fuel, will make me see things his way and we all know how successful he is. ( I know that is a long shot, but worth the try, right?)
  4. I like the helmets that e-bike riders use. Really, that is one of my major motivators!

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